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1987 - A major winter storm hit the Great Lakes Region, intensifying explosively as it crossed Northern Illinois. High winds, with gusts that reached 75 mph, and heavy snow produced a blizzard in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, where most areas were buried under 12 to 17 inches of snow. The barometric pressure in Chicago dropped three quarters of an inch in 6 hours to a low of 28.96 inches, the lowest barometric pressure on record for the Windy City in December. O'Hare International was closed for only the 4th time in 20 years.
1945 - A record December snowstorm fell on parts of western New York from the 14th through the 17th, bringing travel to a halt in many locations. Buffalo saw 36.6 inches of snow accumulate, with other areas receiving up to 70 inches.

Weather Word of the Day

Nimbostratus - (abbrev. NS)- A cloud of the class characterized by a formless layer that is almost uniformly dark gray; a rain cloud of the layer type, of low altitude, usually below 8000 ft (2400 m).

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